Greatest Ever Artists On Stage

While studio recordings are always important, the real side of an artist is seen on stage. Some artists have exceeded any expectations that fans may had about the things that can be performed on stage during concerts and live performances in general. Very few fans come out of a great concert disappointed of spending their money for a tour ticket, no matter how expensive, cheap or rare. The best example can be Michael Jackson. There are different factors to consider for determining the stage performance of an artist, such as stage presence, the interaction with the audience, originality and choreography.

The Best Live Performers on Stage

  • Michael Jackson: MJ is more than legend, as he is the greatest entertainer of all time. Most of his awesome performances were on stage. He actually transposed music into body micheal jackson dancing on stagemovement like no one did. Dancing the way Michael has danced and singing at the same time required enormous efforts and perfect synchronization. But, dance and music were the most important things in his life and he managed to combine them perfectly. Michael was original in the way he communicated with the crowd, not only during songs, but also between them. He was a master of combining lights, dancing, sound, fireworks and other effects for providing the perfect concert experience. With fans yelling, crying and fainting during a concert, Michael was seen like a god when he was on stage.
  • Freddy Mercury was part of the most successful band of the seventies and eighties, Queen. he is one of the most talented performers, on stage and not only. Any other artist who tried to reproduced the same moves (except Michael Jackson, of course) looked funny or foolish.
  • Elvis Presley: This entertainer was inspired by previous black artists for his dance moves, but he performed these moves very well. He did it better than anyone else, while preserving his hair as well. Elvis was very dynamic on stage.
  • James Brown: The artist who invented soul was larger than life on stage. The repertoires of James Brown were popular because of their length and intensity. He danced vigorously while singing, with dance steps like slides, splits and dramatic leaps. He was [resented by his own MC before entering the stage.
  • Madonna: Her career is amazing, she is considered the Queen of Pop and she communicates well with the crowds. In a performance on stage in the eighties, she has touched her intimate parts of her body in front of the public. She imitates some of the the moves of previous performers like Cher or Michael Jackson, but she has her originality as well.
  • Jimmy Hendrix: Jimmy Hendrix is known for his skills as a guitarist, musician, songwriter and singer. He performed well on stage with is popular electric guitar.
  • Bob Marley’s concerts were so amazing that he made fans ask for more and more. He was looking like he is in a state of trance, maybe because he was high. But this look made the fans like him. This Jamaican was the best at his music and also a good dancer.
  • Diana Ross: Even if Diana was shy when she was in her band, she became the best female artist of the rock era. She became popular worldwide because of her magnetic stage presence.

Modern Times: Concerts as Fantastic Shows

  • Eminem: Eminem has an incredible flow while rapping live and he communicates well with the public. He also has the righlive performance during a tourt attitude and the right outfit. The controversial and white rapper has become a world phenomenon, with fans yelling and singing with him at concerts and other live gigs.
  • Linkin Park: A Linkin Park concert can have a similar electrifying atmosphere to the one that has been seen in the concerts of Michael Jackson. Their songs alternate from slow and soft music to aggressive and fast rhythms and this is one of the things what makes the concerts of this band so appreciated. A combination of different music genres like hip hop and rock can be an amazing thing when it is performed live.
  • Beyonce: obviously has a better stage presence and choreography than Madonna, but it has other minuses, such as lack of originality and lack of communication with the audience.
  • Lady Gaga: LG is a newer performer, but she is among the only artists who has a true performance on stage. Her only issue may be the lack of originality, because she gets too inspired by Madonna sometimes.


In their dancing moves and dressing styles on stage, most artists were inspired by previous performers. Other artists that had a good performance on stage are: The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Annie Lenox, Stevie Wonder, Prince, The Beatles, Barbra Streisand, Bestie Boys, Usher, Bobby Brown and many others. A live concert is unique experience, just as some artists have the gift to make it. Visit for the hottest live events. Sometimes tickets are scarce, like for the current Paul McCartney Tour 2014 so make sure to act on time. Here is a list of other useful live performance info: Actually it’s a great idea to keep an eye on available cheap concert tickets all the time, as you might never know what kind of surprises pop up